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In the Spring of 2004, Daughter #2 and Daughter #3 were experiencing problems with their tonsils.  The whole family went to an E.N.T. specialist (Dr. Bolling) for the consultation.  The doctor carefully checked both girls and determined that Daughter #2's tonsils, although enlarged, did not need to be removed.  However Daughter #3 needed to have both her tonsils and adenoids removed to alleviate her sleep apnea.  As the doctor was explaining this (daughter #3 was blissfully unaware of the discussion going on around her), tears were coming to the eyes of both Mom and Daughters #1 and #2 as they anticipated what was in store for the youngest girl.

We decided to schedule the surgery after school ended and after we came back from a trip to Disney World.  We explained the situation to #3 who took the news bravely.  She was a little scared, so good old Dad came up with a poem/rap to help lighten the situation:


Everybody put your hands up high

it's time to scream and shout

Ole Doc Bowlings comin' here

to rip my adenoids out


I ain't scared

I'm not no fretter

It's no problem for me

cause I don't know better


Mom's talkin' so softly

I don't know why

now that she and my sisters

are starting to cry


My dad's not cryin'

He's got no time

'tween softball and work

and writin' these rhymes


It don't end there

'cause there's more to do

Doc Bowlings double billing

when he does my tonsils too


Its in the back of my mind

and I just may hurl

but not till after

I go to Disney World







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