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What an amazing year for the Red Sox!  They finally won the World Series!  And one of the things that makes this the sweetest is how the Sox won the pennant.  Down 3 games to none to the Yankees and a mere 3 outs away from elimination... Mariano RIvera, the best closer in baseball on the mound... and the Sox pull out the game and the series.  As former Boston Red Sox announcer Ned Martin would say:  Mercy!

Here are some pics to enjoy (some of them copied from

A-Fraud was not trying to knock the ball out of the glove; he did not want anyone to steal his purse


A distraught A-Fraud sobs as Mr. Torre points out the person who stole the purse.


New York's finest ponders whether to catch the purse snatcher or arrest A-Fraud for impersonating a man.


What more can you say about Yankee fans?  They wasted a perfectly good bottle of beer!


Orlando Cabrera was by far the unsung hero for the Red Sox throughout the playoffs.


Dave Roberts steal of second base was the key play of the series back in Game #4.





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