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Who was Grumpy?  What can you say about the man?  Grumpy is not an easy person to describe.  But you can certainly say a lot of things about him.  One thing is for sure, he loved his grandchildren very much.  All 9 of them.  And they loved him back.  The best thing to do is let the grandchildren do the talking about their Grumpy.  

Grandchild #2 (5th grader at the time) wrote the following for Grumpy right after he passed away in December 2003.  This was read as part of his eulogy at his funeral:

Dear Grumpy,

I will miss you a whole lot. Even though you will be much happier and safe; and now you are in a better place.

Of all the pain you’ve been in, you smiled through it all. Now you can run, swim, and even walk.

You were a wonderful person and many people will miss you. I will miss you so much that I can’t even begin to tell you. Your stories made me laugh. And you used to scare me when we would play the game Goosebumps. I had so much fun when you would take me miniature golfing and then secretly get ice cream before we even had lunch.

I loved you most because you were the best listener that I know. You would ask me all sorts of questions about my day at theater camp, or baseball, or school. You made me feel like the most important person in the world. Like I said before, you were a wonderful person.

I know that you are always in my heart.

I love you Grumpy and I will miss you.


Here is a piece written by Grandchild #6.  She wrote this piece for school and it was submitted to the local library for an essay contest.  Grandchild #6 won first prize for Second Graders:



This story is about my grandfather who died last December.

My Grumpy had two strokes and the second one killed him. Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Levine and Mrs. Graham came to his funeral. Then our friend Steven came and we played “Kiss the bus” when we were going to the grave yard. Then we went home and we went to my Nana’s house and we talked about him. The Rabbi came to talk about him and to say some prayers for him so that he would be safe and happy up in heaven. Then Mrs. Surabian and Mrs. Coleman came and some teachers brought us food so that we didn’t have to cook so we could talk about Grumpy. I cry for my Grumpy every night and miss him so much. My mommy says that he is in a better place and he can talk and run and eat all of the foods that he used to before he had his stroke. I wrote about my Grumpy because it’s family history month and my Grumpy was and is a nice person and in my family. We used to play golf with him when he didn’t have a stroke. I love my Grumpy.







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