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When we head down to Cape Cod to visit Nana over a weekend in the summer, we typically head over to the Old Country Buffet.  This past summer (2006), we did not have a particularly good experience there.  About an hour or so after we got home, little Becca did not feel very well and threw up.  Several hours after that, when everybody was in bed, the same thing happened to Jenny.  But unfortunately, she never made it into the bathroom.  So, in honor of this event, we came up with another of our crazy songs. This one is sung to the tune of a song that Rebecca played in her piano recital "Dragon Monster".


My name is Rebecca-girl,

I eat Old Country then I hurl.


I'm not the only one with the bug,

Little Jenny threw up on the rug.


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The following video was taken while we were down the Cape.  Most likely it was taken sometime after the beach and before we hit the road for the Old Country Buffet.  Everybody had just showered and the girls were biding their time waiting for the grown-ups to get their act together.  Oldest sister Rachel, armed with her cell phone, commenced on her favorite past-time; the torturing her younger sisters.  In this video, Rebecca looks like an old pro who has dealt with the paparazzi many times before as she brushes Rachel aside.  Jenny on the other hand, takes a page out of Sean Penn's School of Paparazzi Control.

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