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This song was written when our oldest daughter was having many bouts with bloody noses.  It was an awfully scary time for her.  This song helped her to minimize her fear about bloody noses because it added humor (albeit weird, sick humor) to the situation.  Now you have a unique glimpse into the world of this branch of the Lerman Family.

Click here to hear Daughter #1 singing:  The Bloody Nose Song!

 Oh I have a nose

Itís the bloodiest nose

The bloodiest nose

It gushes like a hose


Oh my bloody nose

You just have to see

It comes out fast

It comes out like pee


With my bloody nose

Iíve come to realize

Itís time to see the doc

And get it cauterized


For some additional information re: remedies for bloody noses, besides humor, click here.







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